There are so many things in our life that we don’t need, but it’s hard to know what to get rid of.

Minimalist List Of Things To Get Rid Of

Unless you’re a minimalist by nature and have an eye for design, decluttering can be overwhelming! It takes time and effort to figure out what you should get rid of, which is why most people never even try.

This list is designed for you to use as your guide for getting rid of things in your home that you don’t need or love anymore. It includes items like old clothes, books, and toys that are taking up space without adding value to our lives. By using this minimalist inventory, you’ll be able to finally declutter your homes and live with less stress!

This Post Is All About Minimalist List Of Things To Get Rid Of

The first step can be the hardest step don’t let it be.

However, it’s essential to note that the most challenging aspect of decluttering may be taking the initial step. Taking action and actually beginning to clear away the mess is frequently one of the most difficult aspects of decluttering.

After a period of time, you’ll begin to notice the advantages of what you’re doing decluttering, which will help to increase your motivation even more. But in order to get into a decluttering rhythm, you must first start. Perhaps you’d benefit from some assistance to get your decluttering efforts off the ground so you may start appreciating the advantages of a minimalist lifestyle.

Kick-start your decluttering momentum

Even if you’ve been decluttering for a while, we all lose our motivation or momentum from time to time.

This list is meant to serve as a refresher on some of the things you can declutter that may have gotten pushed to the back of your mind.

Minimalism is a journey, not a destination. You’ll always be going through stages of decluttering and letting go of physical things that you don’t need. Minimalist living requires you to think about how each item that comes into your life will affect the quality of your life.

Keep it simple with a list like this

There are 67 items on this list, but you don’t need to get rid of them all at once!

Start by choosing 10 things from the list and see how it feels. Chances are, you’ll feel a lot better after getting rid of some of the excesses in your home.

Here Is A Minimalist List Of Things To Get Rid Of For A Clutter-Free Home

 minimalist list of belongings

In the kitchen

1. Plastic containers 

Throw away any plastic containers without a lid (or vice versa). Also, any that are deformed or damaged.

2. Kitchen utensils

How many of the things in your kitchen drawer have you not used in more than a year? If you only use a few items regularly, why keep all of these extras? Consider what you consume on a daily basis and get rid of any that don’t.

3. Broken appliances

Throw away any broken appliances that are unfixable.

4. Unused appliances

This can be anything from a blender to a bread machine. Ask yourself if you use these and decide whether it’s worth keeping them.

5. Extra plates, mugs, etc 

.You probably don’t need 20 of each. Think about what you drink and eat on a daily basis and consider how many items you actually need.

6. Burnt pots & pans

If you have any pots or pans that are burnt and are unusable, dispose of them! They’re just taking up space and will never be used again.

7. Glass jars

Glass jars are ideal for keeping food, but we don’t need to save every single one. Send them off to the recycling facility and end your relationship.

8. Tea towels and dishcloths 

Old, frayed tea towels should be thrown away. You just need a few tea towels, one being utilized and one in the wash and a spare Get rid of everything else.

9. Plastic baggies 

The only reason to keep plastic baggies is if they’re frequently used for snacks on the go, shopping or if they have some other special purpose. Otherwise, get rid of them.

10. Appliance manuals

If you have any appliance manuals that you’ll never reference again, toss them!

11. Cookbooks that have not been used in a long time

If you haven’t cooked from it in quite some time, it’s probably safe to say you won’t use it again! Send them off to the book sale or donate them; they’ll be appreciated by someone else. If you do cook on a regular basis from a cookbook, consider whether you could use an electronic version instead.

12. Papers and pictures on your refrigerator

If someone is already in the elevator and you want to get inside, let them off first.

13. Food that has expired

Toss any expired food, even if it’s just a little bit past the expiration date. It’s not worth the risk!

minimalist home checklist

In the bedroom

14. Torn clothing

This includes any clothing that’s ripped or torn to the point where it can’t be repaired.

15. Clothing not worn in a year 

I know that it feels like you’ll want to wear certain things in the future, but odds are, you won’t. If you actually have an item of clothing not worn in a year or more, get rid of it! You probably don’t need it and someone else will appreciate the items you no longer use.

16. Shoes that hurt your feet

If you have a pair of shoes that are painful to wear, get rid of them! You’ll never actually wear them again and they’re just taking up space.

17. Mismatched socks

If you have a sock drawer full of mismatched socks, it’s time to let them go.

18. Unused handbags & purses

Do you have a handbag or purse that’s been sitting in the back of your closet for years? Do you not use it anymore because it’s uncomfortable or just not really your style anymore? If so, get rid of it! You’ll free up some extra space and someone else will truly appreciate it.

19. Unworn jewelry

If you have any jewelry that you haven’t worn in the last 6 months, get rid of it. Unless it has sentimental value, there’s no use keeping it. You won’t wear it again and someone else would love to own what you no longer need! You may even be able to sell it and get something for it.

20. Clothes hangers

How many clothes hangers do you actually need? If you have a ton of them just collecting dust, it’s time to let them go.

21. Tattered bras and underwear

Just like with clothing, if bras and underwear are starting to look too tattered, it’s time to let them go. They won’t be of any use to you and they’ll just take up space.

minimalist decluttering checklist

In the bathroom

22. Expired makeup

If your makeup is expired, it’s time to let this go! You won’t use it again and someone else will truly appreciate the items you no longer need.

23. Unused makeup

It’s okay to hold on to makeup that you don’t wear frequently. However, if you have items that are over 6 months old and haven’t been touched, it’s time to let them go! Odds are, you won’t use it again.

24. Old or broken razors

Even if they still seem sharp enough for one more shave, replace them! They’re just taking up space…and they can even be dangerous.

25. Stretched-out hair tie

The repurposed ties could be used as food bagties, cash ring-tied bags or other types. Otherwise, you should just threw them into the garbage because you can’t really change that they have lost strength. What does this really say? Comment below in the next comment!

26. Products you never use 

Do you have any products in your bathroom that you never use? If they’re taking up space and you don’t need them, get rid of them! You’ll be making room for something new.

27. Towels that are stained or faded

If your towels are stained or faded, it’s time to let them go. They won’t be of any use to you and they’ll just take up space.

28. Half-used shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. bottles you don’t like

It’s perfectly OK to toss out an old bottle of shampoo or conditioner if you don’t like the scent. If the fragrance isn’t to your liking, get rid of it! You’ll be making room for something new.

29. Expired medication

If you have medication that has expired, get rid of it! Do not take expired medication, even if it’s just a little bit past the expiration date. It’s not worth the risk!

30. Perfumes and colognes you don’t use

Realistically, you probably only wear one perfume or cologne at a time. If you have any others that you don’t use, get rid of them! You’ll be making room for something new.

31. Unused hair products

Just like with other makeup products, it’s okay to hold onto hair products that you don’t use frequently. However, if you have items that are over 6 months old and haven’t been touched, it’s time to let them go! Odds are, you won’t use it again.

minimalist home checklist

In the living room

32Old magazines and newspapers

After you’ve finished reading the magazine, recycle it. Don’t let it take up space in your home!

33. Books you’ve read and will never read again

If you no longer plan on reading the books you own, get rid of them or convert to a kindle version to save on space.

34. Unused furniture

If you have any furniture that is no longer in style or just doesn’t really fit in your home anymore, get rid of it! You could give it away for free or advertise it somewhere and get something for it.

35. Knick-knacks and decor that don’t add any value

If you have items in your home that are just taking up space, get rid of them! You won’t use them and they’re not adding any significant value to your home.


Music and movies are all available in digital format, therefore you won’t need physical copies. Unless it’s something that is not digital available get rid of the rest.

37. Extra throw pillows that always end up on the floor

Decide how many throw pillows you’ll need and where they should be placed on your sofa. If you have more than that, get rid of the extras.

38. Used candles

Candles are certainly beautiful. But what to do when the candle burns down? If you’re handy, you may always refill it and make a new candle, but if this isn’t your thing, don’t let them pile up.

Easy Things to Get Rid of

In the linen closet

39. Torn or unused bed sheets

Do you have any bedding that you don’t use? Get rid of it! You don’t need them cluttering up your linen closet. Chances are, you haven’t used them in a long time and they’re just hanging out at the back of the closet with no purpose.

40. Torn or unused towels

Keep in mind that when it comes to torn or unused towels, the same applies. You’re probably using more contemporary and nicer bath towels, so dispose of them if they are ripped or tattered.

41. Old guest bedding

These are still useful, but if they’ve been sitting in the back of your linen closet for a long time gathering dust, you may want to get rid of them. If they’re full of dust, guests won’t be able to use them safely.

42Things that don’t belong

The linen closet might also become a storage ground for items that shouldn’t be kept there. Only bed linens and towels should be kept in your linen closet, so get rid of everything else

minimalist home checklist

In the office


43.Emails you’ve been meaning to reply to for months

You’ve probably subscribed to newsletters or mailing lists that you don’t need or want any longer. Review your inbox and unsubscribe from anything that isn’t important to you anymore.


44. Unused pens and paper

If you’re like most people, your desk probably ends up cluttered with pens and sticky notes over time. If you don’t find yourself using these items or if they end up on the ground or scattered all over the place, get rid of them!

45. Games with missing pieces

Games are a lot of fun, but if you don’t have all the pieces it’s impossible to play. If you’ve had a game for a while and the pieces are still missing, get rid of it! You won’t use it and it just takes up space.

46. Old documents

Documents such as marriage certificates, important warranties, and birth certificates should be kept safe. You don’t need to keep every bill or bank statement anymore. These should be securely disposed of or sent to a shredder to make room in your workstation.

47. Used notebooks

Do you have any notebooks where all of the pages are filled or almost filled? If you don’t plan on using them again, get rid of them!

48. In the playroom

Your children will grow out of their toys over time. It’s unlikely your kids will want to play with their old dolls or cars that no longer excite them. Donate the items to other children so they may have a new toy. This will not only free up space in the playroom, but it will also teach your children an important lesson.

49. Toys your children have outgrown

Kids grow up so quickly and before you know it, they won’t want to play with the same toys as they used to. If your child has outgrown some of their toys, get rid of them! You can donate them to a good cause or give them away to a friend.


50. Broken toys

Toys that are no longer usable are typically useless. If they can’t be fixed, get rid of them to reduce the clutter.

51. Unused toys

There’s no point in keeping toys if they’re never played with. It’s possible that your kid got a present for Christmas that they didn’t like. Encourage them to give this present to a youngster who is less fortunate than them.

52. Old or outdated electronics

Do you have any electronics that you don’t use? Why not get rid of them and make some extra money in the process? You could sell them online or take them to a recycling center.

Things To Get Rid Of Right Now

Miscellaneous items

53. Subscriptions

If you’ve joined up for a lot of subscriptions, such as publications you don’t read or surprise boxes that you don’t understand what’s in them, it’s time to unsubscribe and clear these things from your home.

54. Charging cords you don’t know what they’re for anymore

If you find yourself with a pile of charging cords and don’t know what they’re for, get rid of them. If you take the time to organize your charging cords and label them, this won’t be an issue.

55. Duplicate items

Do you have any duplicates at home? If you have two of something, get rid of one. This might be anything from clothing to kitchen utensils.

56. Junk drawer

The common junk drawer that we all have but don’t know what’s inside… If you have a junk drawer, empty it and go through each item one at a time. Remove anything you don’t need or use.

57. Cleaning products you never use

If you have any cleaning products that you never use, get rid of them! If unused pass them on to friends and family

58. Unused exercise equipment

If you have any unused exercise equipment, get rid of it! If you don’t use it on a regular basis, there’s no point in keeping it.

59. Excess stationery

Do you have a lot of stationery in your drawer that you never use? Get rid of them to reduce the clutter!

60. Old mobile phones

If you have an old phone, get rid of it, if it’s in good working order you could even sell it.

61. Festive decorations

Do you have so many Christmas decorations that you never get to use? If this is the case, consider getting rid of some or giving them away to someone who could benefit from them. While I enjoy a Christmas tree and decorations as much as the next person, the more decorations you put up in your home, the more cluttered it will look.

62. Old Halloween costumes

Do you have out-of-date Halloween costumes that you never wear because you like to have a new one each year? If that’s the case, get rid of them! They’re useless if they’re hidden away in your closet all year.


63. Unwanted gifts

If you have any gifts that don’t suit your personal taste or are simply unwanted, get rid of them! You don’t need to feel obligated to keep a gift just to make someone happy. It’s yours to do with as you choose when you receive a present. If it isn’t to your liking, pass it on to someone who might enjoy it.

64. Old receipts

If you get a lot of receipts from cash purchases, it’s time to tidy them up. Minimize the clutter by throwing out any old receipts you have lying around.

65. Old batteries

If you have any old batteries lying around, get rid of them! If they are not charged anymore, you should recycle them.

Kick-Start Your Decluttering

For your mental health

66. Anxiety about the stuff you own

If you have any old batteries lying around, get rid of them! If they are not charged anymore, you should recycle them.

66. Anxiety about the stuff you own

If you’ve got anxiety about all the stuff you own, get rid of some of it. Minimalism will reduce your stress levels and make you less worried about things that are not valuable or useful to you!

67. Stress from trying to organize everything

Organizing things takes a lot of time and effort. Minimalism can help reduce this stress by getting rid of some items and reducing the amount you have to organize.

68. Toxic relationships

If you have toxic relationships in your life, get rid of them!

69. Social media apps

If you find that you’re spending too much time on social media applications and it’s affecting your mental health, it may be time to quit using them.

Social media apps might be habit-forming and scrolling through everyone else’s “perfect” lives can make you feel terrible about yourself. If you don’t like how much time you spend on social media, get rid of them!

70. Negative self-talk

If you have a lot of negative self-talk going on in your mind, consider getting rid of the source.

This Post Was All AboutMinimalist List Of Things To Get Rid Of

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