Are you looking for the best graduation party games, for your next party? 


The best way to make sure your guests are entertained all night is with a game that will keep them on their feet. There’s nothing worse than people just sitting around waiting for the cake, when there could be so many more fun activities going down!

You’ll have a blast playing our list of fun graduation party games with friends and family. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor celebration! We’ve got classic favorites like Giant Jenga to new additions such as Spike Ball – so no matter what kind of mood your in there will be perfect entertainment on hand to kick off your graduation with the most fun graduation party games in town.

This post Is All About Graduation Party Games

1. Giant Connect Four

One of the most popular graduation party games is to play a giant version of Connect Four.

This game requires a few people and some good teamwork, but it’s sure to be a hit with your graduating buddies. 

2. Tic Tac Toe Frisbee

Another fun and simple graduation party game is to play a frisbee version of Tic Tac Toe. This game can be played by teams, so it’s great for group activities!

3. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a fun and interactive game that doesn’t require any special equipment to play. The rules are simple, but it still offers tons of entertainment for all ages at your graduation party!

4. Giant Pong

For graduation party games that are a bit more active, you can play Giant Pong. This game is like the classic beer pong but instead of normal cups, you use water coolers (and potentially giant cup).

5. Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag toss is a fun game that everyone can enjoy. It’s the perfect activity for graduation parties, and it doesn’t matter what age you are!

6. Yard Twister

Yard Twister is a graduation party game that’s similar to Twister but in the yard. This graduation party game is simple and requires minimal equipment, which makes it perfect for graduation parties.


7. Horseshoe Pitching

Horseshoe Pitching is another graduation party game that does not require much equipment. It may require a few more people to play, since you need at least two teams of two people each.

8. Ring Toss

Ring Toss is another graduation party game that’s similar to bean bag toss. This graduation party game requires a bit of skill, but it will keep your graduation party fun and exciting for everyone.

9. Ladder Toss

A simple laundry rack may suffice if you don’t have the required equipment, and weighted balls bound to either end of a piece of rope.

10. Spike Ball

Spike Ball is a fantastic game to play outside, and the more athletic participants will enjoy demonstrating their abilities while playing Spike Ball.

11. Backyard Bocce Ball

Backyard Bocce Ball is a graduation party game that’s great for athletic guests.

12. Croquet

Croquet is a graduation party game that requires at least four people. This graduation party game can serve as both an outdoor activity and something fun to do inside.

13. Dictionary Game

Play the Dictionary Game to test your English skills.

Each player gets one chance to select an obscure term from the dictionary, and then other player will write down what they believe it means.

The player who picked the phrase will write down the genuine meaning, and the papers will be mixed up.

Then, each player will read off what they believe the word means.

The person who wrote the definition that matches exactly is the winner

14. Steal The Grad Cap

You’ve undoubtedly played “steal the bacon” before. It just adds a graduation spin to it.

15. Yardzee

Who doesn’t love a classic game of Yahtzee? Allow graduation party guests to play Yardzee instead!

16. Don’t Drop The Tassel

Without Don’t Drop The Tassel, there can be no graduation celebration. Teams of equal sizes stand in a straight line.

The first player places the tassel on the straw in their mouth and holds it there with their teeth. They must then switch the tassel from one person’s straw to another without using hands.

17. Mad Libs

Play Mad Libs to celebrate graduation! This is a terrific non-competitive graduation party game that will entertain your graduation party guests for hours on end.

18. Guess How Much Money Is In The Jar

Guess how much money is in the graduation party jar! This graduation party game can be played as a regular graduation party game or as a graduation party drinking game.

19. Scratch Off Graduation Cards

Scratch off graduation cards are a fun graduation party game for guests of all ages. You can make your own scratch off graduation cards or buy pre-made ones.

20. Graduation Word Search


Graduation Word Search is a graduation party game for young and older guest who can’t play some of the other games on this list

21. Cornhole

The corn hole game is a classic party game that’s great to have on your property for guest to enjoy at your graduation celebration.

22. Scavenger Hunt


Scavengers hunts are a graduation party game for older guests who appreciate the more intellectual graduation party games.

23. Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon Toss is an outdoor graduation party game that’s great for summer graduation celebrations and perfect for all ages. 

24. Guess Who?

Guess Who? is a graduation party game for slightly older guests who might appreciate the more intellectual graduation party games.

25. I’m Going On A Picnic!

I’m going on a picnic does not require much equipment and can be played as a graduation party game for all ages or as a graduation party drinking game where if you take too long to answer or answer wrong you have to take a drink.

26. Taboo

Taboo is a game show in which teams compete against one another. Your teammates must guess the word on your card, but you must describe the term without using any of the prohibited terms!

27. I SPY

I spy is a graduation party game that can be played indoors or outdoors.

28. Rememory  Game

This is a lighthearted card game that you can buy online.

Each player will draw three cards from three different decks, one for a person, another for a time frame, and the final for a free-form prompt.

After that, the game begins by asking the player to recall a memory prompted by these cards.

It’s a great way to sum up your time and a college and share wonderful experiences with friends.

29. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is great for graduation party guests of all ages, and it only requires a phone and the app.

30. Top of Mind 

Make trivia more fun with this simple game that adds a unique spin on a classic. Players must attempt to read their opponents’ minds in order to determine how they will answer with each question asked.

This Post Was All About Graduation Party Games

Graduation Party Games

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