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This post is all about 22 Friendsgiving Game Ideas

Friendsgiving is one of the most entertaining holidays. The friends-only dinner party, where you get to eat all the dishes you usually avoid, dance off your Thanksgiving meal and laugh around a table with people who understand you best.

And that’s why it’s so important to have some Friendsgiving game ideas ready to make sure everyone has a good time. Check out these suggestions for fun games!


This Post Is All About 22 Friendsgiving Game Ideas

Giant Jenga 

This one of the larger Friendsgiving game ideas, and it’s also super simple.

While everyone is sitting in their chairs just let them play a little game of Jenga! Instead of having to worry about taking pieces out of the Jenga tower you can simply take away entire sections at a time. This version takes an even longer

Scavenger Hunt

Creating a scavenger hunt may be really enjoyable for your party visitors. The appeal of this game is that you can make it as personalized as you choose, making it ideal for your closest pals!

Or if you’re lazy or just don’t have the time, you could just buy this scavanger hut game off amazon that is perfect for all ages:


Everyone’s favourite card game growing up and probably still is even as an adult, but what makes it a bit more fun with this version called SpicyUno.

Click here to read all the rules: Spicy Uno

Pumpkin decorating

Not really a game as such, but Pumpkin decorating is a great way to pass the time during this season.

You can either choose to do it with your friends, or you can get creative and host a pumpkin decorating competition! Just make sure that the winner gets something really great!


If you want to put some spice into the evening, this game is for you!

Balderdash is a game in which your pals are challenged to “call your bluff” by combining unbelievable but true information with made-up answers.


If you feel that the night is dragging on and your Friendsgiving guests are getting restless, play a game of Pictionary.

This is an incredibly fun way to engage everyone and keep them entertained until their parents come to pick them up!


One of the Friendsgiving game ideas that needs no explanation, Charades is played by guessing words through physical actions… and it’s so much fun!

This is an easy way to get everyone involved and keep them on their feet.


The Gift of Gab Game

For a Friendsgiving celebration, you can add some spice to the evening by playing the gift of gab game. This is a party game in which everyone tries to come up with funny things to say, but they’re only allowed to use words that rhyme.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a fun game that will have your guests laughing for hours. And it’s a great way to break the ice and get people talking! Just don’t play this with someone who doesn’t appreciate crude humour.

Get a Piñata 

A great way to end the night after some food and alcohol is to get a piñata! Tie it up and let everyone take turns bashing away until all the candy comes out. It may seem like a child’s party game, but when you’ve had a few drinks and you’ve got that blind fold in can make for some really laughters and fun.

Host a Trivia Game (and make it personable!) 

Rather than simply asking everyone general trivia questions, why not have it as a Friendsgiving game idea where you can ask your guests specific and personal questions?

It’ll make it more interesting and give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level.


Karaoke is a good way to get the party going. Everyone has their go-to song and it’s fun for everyone… even if you’re not that great at singing! Plus, it’s the perfect way to end the night – everyone gets up and sings their hearts out.

 Take a Shot When….


When someone says they don’t want an alcoholic beverage and everyone tells them to take a shot anyway!

When you talk about family member you don’t want to spend thanks giving with.

The possibilities are endless.

Paint with Bob Ross

Instead of having a typical thanksgiving activity, get some canvas, paint, and alcohol and put on a Bob Ross clip for everyone to paint along.

Then vote for the one who did it best.

Work on a huge puzzle

Setting up a fun puzzle is an entertaining way to keep your guests occupied. It also gives you the chance to interact with others in your group.

Dance off of Thanksgiving Dinner 

This is one activity that requires little planning, it’s easy to do during the night, and everyone can participate!

Just play some music and get everyone to dance, it gets you all moving and shaking – the perfect way to forget about all that food you just ate.

Go around the table and say what you’re thankful for

It wouldn’t be a Friendsgiving without acknowledging the reason for the season.

It may seem contrived, but informing others about what you’re grateful for is a simple method to keep in mind how fortunate you are.

Make a time capsule

Rather than having each person say what they’re thankful for, have everyone write a letter of thanks to someone that is no longer with us or to someone in the future.

Everyone then seals it in an envelope and you put it in something to preserve it (an old shoe box, or a metal tin) – make sure there’s enough room for everyone and label it so the next generation can know why it’s special.

Then pass it on to future generations of your family at another Friendsgiving get-together.

Host a movie marathon

If you’ve played every game and you’re all too tired why not all sit down and watch a movie.

To make it interesting have anyone write down a movie that they want to watch and put into a hat then pull one out at random.

Host a cookie-decorating session

Make a batch of homemade cookies and may the best decorator win. Or just eat all the cookies and call it a night.

Set up a photo booth

Get all your goofy hats, props and selfie sticks out for a photo booth session – it’ll be the perfect end to a Friendsgiving meal.

Friendsgiving game ideas are a great way to get people involved in the festivities and have fun!

These Friendsgiving game ideas will help you keep your friends entertained for hours on end. From trivia games, to karaoke sessions, or even just watching movies together; there is something for every group here.

This Post Was All About Friendsgiving Game Ideas

Friendsgiving Game Ideas

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