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College can be overwhelming. It’s a new chapter in your life and it’s time to figure out how to make the best of it.

First Day of College

We know that you want to make the most of your college experience, which is why we’ve put together this guide with 25 tips on how to survive your first day of college. From making friends to getting organized, we have you covered!

You will be able to breeze through your classes and campus activities with ease when you apply these helpful tips. College doesn’t have to be hard – just follow our advice and you will be on your way to a successful semester!

This Post Is All About Your First Day Of College Tips

Be Early

You never want to be late on the first day! It helps to go early so you find your classroom if you aren’t sure where it is or to find a good seat. You don’t want to be that person that stumbles in 10 minutes late while the professor is lecturing. Classes usually start with an ice breaker activity first, so it’s a good idea to get there on time for class to find out who your classmates are and how everyone knows each other.

Sit In A Great Seat

You’re going to be sitting in this chair for the next three hours so it’s important that you find a good place to park your behind. Look for somewhere near first row, but not first seat. Get a little distance from the front of the room because you don’t want people interrupting you while you listen to lecture.

Converse With The People Around You

Even if you don’t think you’ll be besties with your hallmates, it’s good to have some familiar faces around campus. You never know when you’re going to need help studying for that first test or that first group project! A lot of the first days in college are spent ice breaking so try speaking up and getting to know everyone

Be Prepared

It’s important to be prepared first thing in the morning. Get everything you need for class, including any school supplies or laptops you’re using in your first classes and get it all ready! This way you don’t have to frantically search last minute when it’s time to leave and risk leaving something behind at home.

Write Down The Schedule For The semester

You’ll have a lot of first days! It’s easy to mix up the first class, first lab, or first exam. Write everything down and keep it in your bag or notebook so that you don’t forget. Trust us, you definitely don’t want to get caught not knowing where you need to be next!

Pay Attention In Class

Your first few days of class are the most important. Not only do you want to make a good first impression on your peers and professors, but first impressions go far in college. So use this first week as an opportunity to really get to know everything about the classes you’re taking – it can definitely help with your GPA!

Try To Ask A Few Questions During Your First Weeks

It can be nerve-wracking to ask questions in class. But first weeks are meant for students to feel out the course, see if they like it and gauge how their first semester is going to go. If you have a question about something your professor has talked about or what material will be covered, now’s the time

Introduce Yourself To The Professor

First weeks are the first impression you have on your professor and it’s good to get those first impressions out of the way early. Don’t show up late to first lecture, introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know how much you’re looking forward to the course!

Use Your Time Wisely

Don’t let first weeks of college become first days of procrastination. You’re in college, now is the time to get down to business. Spend first week or two getting acclimated with how your classes run and what you have due when.

Pro Tip:

Get into a pattern early on so that you can keep up with your goals and always know what’s due when!

Leave Your Dorm Door Open!

Leave your door open first week so that you can meet more people! You never know when a neighbor might pop in to say hi or ask if they can borrow something from you.

First Day of College

Explore Your Campus!

First weeks are the first chance you’ll have to explore your campus. Take advantage of your first few days and get to know where everything is! It’s better when you’re first starting out since there usually won’t be as many people around. Plus if things go wrong or something changes, it’s good to know how to navigate the area !

Pack Snacks

Sure first week might be a little stressful but that doesn’t mean you should forget to eat. You definitely don’t want to get caught hungry since it can make the first weeks of college even more hectic! Pack some snacks and healthy meals so that you always have something on hand when those first class nerves hit.

Bring a Water Bottle

Dehydration can happen first week of college, no matter how prepared you think you are. Keep a water bottle on hand when first days roll around and refill it frequently – it’s important to stay hydrated

Pack a Laptop Sleeve

You’ll need a laptop first week, it’s inevitable. Make sure that yours is protected while you’re on the go. You don’t want to have to buy a new computer first weeks of school just because your current one got damaged during first day jitters and unexpected spills.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You’re going to be on your feet first weeks of college. From first days to first week projects, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes first time around. Plus you never know when you might want or need to run somewhere first week.

how to survive First Day of College

Go With The flow

First weeks of college can be really overwhelming. You have first days and first projects to worry about! But first weeks are meant for you to explore yourself as a student, your classes, and your campus. Make sure that no matter what first weeks are easy-going and positive!

Don’t Forget Your Laptop!

It is first week after all, there will be homework! Plus first projects and first assignments are usually handed out first week. Make sure you’re prepared with your laptop first time around – you don’t want to get caught up with a dead battery or no charger first weeks of school.

Write Everything Down

Take good notes on the first day, no matter how early it is! Also, before college starts, get some note-taking strategies under your belt. Make a strategy for going to class!

Make Some Friends first Day

College is a different environment than high school, and students should know that they will need to make friends. There are many chances for socialization on the first day of courses so use it as an opportunity to start becoming friendly with people in your classes!

There are also countless clubs and sports teams that students can join first day to meet people. Join a club in your field of interest.

Expect Some Homework first Weeks

While first week promises an easy schedule, first weeks of college are generally when professors first hand out homework and projects. Expect some work first time around – that’s just how it is!

First Day of College

Find Your “Spot”

Go and find where you’ll be spending first weeks of school. Is it the library? The student center? Find a spot that you can call home, a place where you know to go first days of school so that you can relax before or after first class!

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Stuff On Your Own

As much as making friends is emphasized on the first day, do some things on your own! Visit the coffee shop, have lunch, and finish your homework. On the first day, do something alone to assist you become more self-reliant.

Start Using Google Calendar

Google calendar is the first week’s best friend. Use it first days of school to write down due dates, homework assignments, and important events first weeks of college. Taking a photo or screenshot helps too first time around! This will reduce first day stress so that you can focus on having fun first weeks of college!

Sign up here: Google Calendar

Eat Healthy

Running to your favorite fast food restaurant for lunch may appear appealing, but start forming healthy eating habits now! Body positivity is important, and establishing a healthy diet (with room for junk) in college is an excellent habit to start.

Sign Up For Something first Days

Sign up first days of school for something. Whether it is a club, sport, or activity. Getting involved early on helps students meet new people and establish their first college community.

We hope these tricks will provide a smooth start to your adventure into higher education the right way. Which one was your favorite? What other advice would you give new students on their first day or first week? Let us know below!

We hope these tricks will provide a smooth start to your adventure into higher education the right way. Which one was your favorite? What other advice would you give new students on their first day or first week? Let us know below!

This Post Was All About Your First Day Of College Tips

First Day Of College

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