Dirty questions to ask a guy, that will liven up your flirting game?

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Are you a girl who wants to know more about guys?

Here are some great questions to ask a guy that will help you get to know him better. We’ve got the best questions so everyone can have fun! You might be surprised by what he says.

Ask away, but don’t forget these important rules of thumb when it comes to asking good dirt questions.

Make sure your relationship is in a place where you’re both comfortable enough with each other before getting too personal. And remember, this isn’t an interrogation; it’s just supposed to be fun!

So relax and enjoy yourself while learning new things about your crush or boyfriend along the way. It’ll make for an awesome date night or date day activity

This Post Is All About Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy


  1. Do you feel that I make you nervous?
  2. Have you ever had a fantasy about me?
  3. What is your view on premarital sex?
  4. Is sex is in a relationship important?
  5. What are your sleepwear preferences?
  6. What was the first thing you noticed about me?
  7. Would you ever want to shower with me?
  8. What makes you happy (If you know what I mean)?
  9. Do you prefer making out or cuddling?
  10. What was the greatest kiss you’ve ever experienced?
  11. Describe your type?
  12. Do you think of me when we’re not together?
  13. What’s your take on the notion that a woman should make the first move?
  14. What’s the most unattractive aspect of yours that I have?
  15. Are you a boob guy or a butt guy?
  16. Are you a yoga pants guy or a skirt/suit kind of guy?
  17. What’s been your most mortifying sex moment?
  18. Which celebrity would you choose, to have sex with Who would they be and why??
  19. Have you ever had the urge to gaze at my butt or chest?
  20. Have you ever given any thought to me sexually?
  21. What is your favorite place to make out?
  22. Do I make you happy?
  23. Are you an introverted guy, sexually?
  24. Do you think you have a good understanding of what women want?
  25. Who is the woman of your fantasies if you can’t have me?
  26. What place on my body would you want me to ink?
  27. Which clothes turn you on the most that woman wear?
  28. Did you have previous relationships with anyone else before me?
  29. What physical features do you find most attractive in women?
  30. Do you think of yourself as more beautiful or clever?
  31. Do you enjoy it when someone pulls your hair?
  32. What are the best times of day for you to get passionate?
  33. Have you ever done it in the open air?
  34. What do you think about talking dirty?
  35. Longest you’ve gone without doing it?
  36. What’s is the most number of times you’ve done it in a row?
  37. What’s the one public location where you’d want to do it?
  38. Are you a lights on or off guy?
  39. How high is your sex drive? 
  40. Is there a sexy scene from a movie that you’d like to recreate with me?
  41. What are your thoughts about toys in the bedroom?
  42. Top or bottom guy
  43. Did you fantasize about me before getting to know me?
  44. Do you get jealous when other guys check me out?
  45. Have you ever wanted to tear off my clothes?
  46. Are you a rough or romantic type of guy
  47. Do you prefer no eye contact or eye contact during sex?


  1. Have you ever worn edible underpants?
  2. Do you prefer to give or receive?
  3. Are you a sexter?
  4. What do you want me to wear right now?
  5. What is the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about me?
  6. She’ll we play dirty truth or dare?
  7. If I sent you a dirty picture of me, what would you say or do?
  8. Have you ever thought about tearing my clothes off?
  9. Do you enjoy when I make the first move in bed?
  10. What do you put on at bedtime? when you are in the mood?
  11. Ever had a one night stand?
  12. If I was in your room right now, what would I be doing?
  13. Would you ever try to surprise me with lingerie?
  14. Are you a virgin?
  15. What part of your body do you like the most on a women?
  16. How old were you for the first time, you had sex?
  17. Describe your idea of perfect foreplay?
  18. What was the oddest thing you ever dreamt of doing with a girl?
  19. favorite position when having sex?
  20. Have you ever been in a situation where you were in a friends with benefits relationship?
  21. Should it be funny or serious when it comes to the bedroom?
  22. I learned that kissing consumes calories, Do you want to assist me in working out?
  23. How do you unwind me after I’ve had a long and stressful day at work?
  24. What is your favorite turn on?
  25. Do you like to experimenting with different positions, what is your favorite?
  26. What’s your take on it on love bites, would you want to give me any?
  27. Would you ever sleep with your ex’s best buddy?
  28. Have you ever slept with someone, then regretted it the next day?
  29. Do you think there’s a difference between sex and making love?
  30. What’s the one thing you want me to do for you that I have not yet done – In the bedroom?
  31. What does it feel like when I go down on you?
  32. What’s your opinion on open relationships?
  33. Do you love cuddling?
  34. What do I do that makes you smile?
  35. Have you ever pictured me naked?
  36. Have you ever played a game of dirty truth or dare?
  37. Ever played strip poker
  38. Are you shaved or all natural type of guy?
  39. What do my lips taste like?
  40. What songs turn you on?
  41. Who is your celebrity crush
 dirty questions to ask a guy


  1. Which of our position is your favorite?
  2. Do you want to know what I’m wearing right now?
  3. Do you like any particular color of underwear on me?
  4. What part of my body do you like me touching the most?
  5. If you pick anything on my body to see right now what would it be?
  6. Before me how many times did you have sex per week?
  7. How quickly can you get home?
  8. Do you like to play rough?
  9. Do you enjoy it when I go down on you?
  10. Do you dream about me?
  11. When was the last time you did it solo?
  12. How would you like it if I made you breakfast while wearing just an apron?
  13. Would you like to take a long shower with me?
  14. What is your go to lingerie?
  15. If I told you I wanted to get it on right now, what would you do? 

This post Was All About Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

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